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A comparison of emerald ash borer,
Agrilus planipennis 
(Coleoptera: Buprestidae)
detection tools
Jessica A. Metzger, Andrew J. Storer
Collaborators: Ivich Fraser, USDA-APHIS PPQ EAB, Brighton MI
Victor Mastro, USDA-APHIS, Otis Pest Survey, Detection and Exclusion Laboratory, Otis ANGB, MA

Since it was introduced, emerald ash borer (EAB) has spread throughout lower Michigan and to a number of nearby states, including Ohio and Indiana.  It has proven difficult to trap EAB adults for detection and research purposes, especially in areas of low population density.  Reseach to develop improved detection tools for EAB has been conducted since the beetle's discovery.  However, until now there have been no large scale studies to compare the detection tools that have been developed though this work.  This study aims to develope attractant-based survey tools for EAB as well as characterize the efficacy and effectiveness of current EAB survey techniques at sites with a range of both ash densities and EAB population densities.  The project included over 60 sites distributed throughout MI, IN, and OH.  Between eight and ten potential survey tools were tested at each site.  Trapping types tested in this study included girdled trees, chemical baits, and colored traps.  Traps were established in late spring (May-June) 2006 and were monitored for EAB thoughout the summer flight season.  In addition, trap trees were cut at each site and evaluated for the presence of EAB larvae in the fall.

Research Poster from Duluth, MN
Research Poster from Ashville, NC May 2006

Inset: Ash leaf bait in hanging purple trap. Large Pic: multiple hanging purple traps in an ash stand. Upper right: galleries in girdled tree.  Lower right: colored purple sticky traps

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