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Tara L. Eberhart, Andrew J. Storer, and Linda M. Nagel

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Commonly Asked Questions

1. If I use the reduction model, will my remaining ash trees be protected from emerald ash borer?
      No, that is not the purpose of the model.  Using target ash reduction as a management tool will reduce the population potential of EAB by taking away a targeted % of its critical resource, ash phloem, which it needs to reproduce.  This will reduce the potential for EAB population buildup in an area, therefore minimizing its impact and possibly slowing its spread, but not guaranteeing that the remaining ash will be completley uninfested.

2.  Where can I get trees per acre information if I don't have a stand table?
     Contact your local county or state forester, a forestry extension official from a university, or a consulting forester.   Trees per acre is a measure of stand density that is calculated from stand basal area.  See the model tutorial for more information and a glossary of related forestry terms.

3. What is emerald ash borer and how can I tell if it's in my trees?

     Emerald ash borer is an exotic beetle that feeds on ash trees, eventually overwhelming the tree and causing mortality within a few seasons.
See the Links to EAB  to find out the latest information for your area and local contacts.

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