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Volunteer Firewood Survey


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This survey is being conducted by Michigan Technological University in conjunction with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. The information you provide in this survey is confidential and will be protected to the extent allowed by law. Your name or other personal identifying information will not be linked to your survey response. Your participation is totally voluntary. All campground patrons have the right to not participate, or to terminate participation at any time during the survey.  Participants are not required to answer any question they are uncomfortable answering.   If you have concerns about this survey you may contact the MTU Institutional Review Board at 906-487-2902.


Instructions:  If you have already taken this survey or have participated in an MTU interview survey about firewood please do not fill out this survey.  Please fill out this survey to the best of your ability.  Have the person who plans the camping trips fill out the survey.  Circle one answer for every question unless otherwise indicated.  Fill in the open response questions in the space provided.  Please DO NOT put your name, other contact information or your campsite number on your survey.  You may fill out this survey at any point during your stay and turn it in where you registered for camping or to any other park employee.  Thank you.



1) Name of Campground                                                                                                                   


2) Today’s date (Circle month and write in day)   June        July      August             Day                 



3) What is the zipcode of your residence?


4) What is your sex/gender? (Please circle)                       1) Female        2) Male                       


5) What is your age group? (Please circle)


1)18-25         2) 26-30        3) 31-40        4) 41-50        5) 51-60         6) 61-70       7) 71 and older


6) What level of education have you completed? (Circle one)


1) elementary school                                      4) some college

2) some high school                                       5) completed college

3) completed high school/ GED                     6) professional or graduate school degree                


7) How many times do you leave home to go camping in the summer? (Circle one)


1)1-5 trips a summer              2) 6-10 trips a summer           3)11-20 trips a summer  


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4) more than 20 trips a summer                                

8) When you camp do you normally stay in a: (Circle one)           


1) Tent             2) RV               3) Cabin          4) Other (Please specify)                                          


9) How far away from home do you travel to go camp? (Circle one)


In State            1) less than 100 miles                        2)100-200 miles          3) more than 200 mile


Out of State     4) less than 100 miles                        5)100-200 miles          6) more than 200 miles


10) What kind of campgrounds do you normally prefer to stay at? (Circle one)


1) State Park               2) National Forest Service      3) Private         4) County        5) Township


6) Other (Please specify)                                                      


11) Which kind of campground facilities do you usually prefer? (Circle one)


1) Modern camping (has facilities with running water and flush toilets.

2) Rustic camping (has outhouses)

3) Back country camping


12) Which of the following describes how you most often get your firewood? (Circle one)


1) I bring firewood with me                  2) I collect firewood in the surrounding woods


            3) I buy firewood near the campground                      4) I buy firewood at the campground


13) Do you know of any regulations on the transportation of firewood?     1) Yes        2) No


14) If you answered yes above, how did you hear about the regulations? (Circle all that apply)


1) Flyers/ poster          2) Billboard      3) TV               4) Radio          5) Friends or family    


6) Other (please specify)                                                       


15) If you answered yes to question 13, what regulations on the movement of firewood do you know about?








Thank you for taking the time to fill out our survey!

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Please return it to where you registered or to any park employee.